Pool Fence Requirements in Louisiana


Pool fence

With the unbearable heat of Louisiana, everyone loves a quick dip on a hot summer day to cool off. However, especially during the summer, pool-owners and parents of small children need to be aware of the necessary precautions they must take. In fact, federal law says each state must issue specific standards for pools to ensure children’s safety. The Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 51, details the minimum requirement for swimming pool barriers.

Louisiana Barrier Law

The state of Louisiana requires that Class A swimming pools (used for competitions or diving) and Class B swimming pools (exceeding 2.9 feet) must be enclosed with some type of barrier such as a fence, wall, or other enclosure.

The law also specifies certain requirements for these barriers as well. According to the Louisiana Administrative Code, it must be at least 4-feet tall and cannot be climbable, with no potential foot holds on the exterior that a child could utilize. Louisiana law also requires for the barrier to be self-closing and self-latching, and it states that the latch must be placed higher than 3 feet so small children cannot reach it.

Day Care Centers

It’s important to note that Louisiana day care centers have even stricter codes. If a day care has a pool (including above-ground or wading pools) or if it’s located near a body of water, there must be a 5-foot barrier. The law also requires that the fence cannot be higher than 3.5 inches from the ground and cannot have holes larger than 3.5 inches in diameter. This is to avoid any small children climbing through the openings of the fence or gate.

Next steps

It’s important to follow these codes and prioritize your children’s safety. If you’re looking for a fence or gate to enclose your public or residential pool, reach out today to request a quote.


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